Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Blog on The Dollar Stretcher

Mrs. Roy is beside herself that the kind folks at The Dollar Stretcher have posted her guest blog.  Here's the link.


  1. Mrs. Roy cracks me up... I giggle every time I read the name "Mrs. Roy." I can't even type it without giggling. Of course, that's probably pretty hypocritical coming from a woman called Duck.

    Love you, Mrs. Roy....

  2. Mrs. Roy, I am looking for the book, Your Money or Your Life, you mentioned in the article. What is the author's name? I found a few on Amazon and can't decide which book you may have been referring to. I enjoyed your article and found our experiences to be similar, having made most of the same choices, like TV's and cable, but not new cars. Thanks for sharing with the readers of The Dollar Stretcher.