Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Great New Books

These two books were written by the daughter of a very good friend of Mrs. Roy - about Mrs. Roy's friend and her husband when they were children.  Besides being a wonderful way to honor her parents, Missy has captured true stories from the 1930's American south.  These books aren't available on (yet) but Mrs. Roy is sure you could purchase copies through Providence House Publishers - if you were so inclined. 

Just so you will know the rest of the story, John Hart grew up to be a decorated Air Force pilot who flew combat missions in Vietnam.  He married Peggy Sue, who followed him all over the world during their Air Force days and who still makes pickles to this day.  They very graciously took Mr. and Mrs. Roy under their wing many years ago and they hold a special place in our hearts.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charity of the Month - Wounded Warrior Project

Support WWP August 30 – September 5 with eBay’s Give at Checkout

If you’re purchasing an item on eBay between August 30 and September 5, don’t miss out on an easy opportunity to support WWP. During this seven day period, WWP will be one of the nonprofits featured in eBay’s Give at Checkout, which enables buyers to add a $1 donation or more to any eBay purchase when using PayPal. The option to give at checkout will appear on the right side of the final checkout window. Want to donate to WWP year-round? Visit WWP’s eBay Giving Works page, click Save As Favorite and you will always be prompted to make a contribution at checkout. You can even choose to Sell to Support Our Cause or Donate Now without making a purchase.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you look over to the right, you will see that my Swagbucks total has gone back to zero.  That's because it hit 450 and I used those Swagbucks to buy another $5 gift card.  If you haven't signed up for this awesome search engine that pays you for surfing the net, just click on the "sign up" icon on the bottom right corner of the Swagbucks square to get started earning for yourself!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reverse Menu Planning

Reverse Menu Planning

Follow the link above to an article by Mrs. Roy featured in this week's Dollar Stretcher.  Thanks to Gary and the other kind folks at The Dollar for letting Mrs. Roy explain my way of doing things. 


Mr. and Mrs. Roy recently traveled to Germany; Mr. Roy was working but Mrs. Roy was just being a camp follower and tourist.  We had a great time and Mrs. Roy learned a few things I would like to pass along to future travelers  because, as Dorothy so aptly put it, we weren't in Kansas anymore!  Mrs. Roy encourages you to put aside your prejudices and normal way of thinking and embrace all the little things that make foreign travel such a great adventure.

1.  Mrs. Roy had to buy a washcloth.  The hotel only had face towels and bath towels - big, nice, fluffy towels but no washcloths.  Mrs. Roy tried to do without but was glad to spend one Euro for a washcloth that Mrs. Roy just wrung out and let air dry every night after my bath.  Now Mrs. Roy has a nice orange souvenir that will make me smile for years to come.

2.  Europeans are very garbage-conscious because they have a lot of people living on a relatively small plot of earth and they are running out of room for trash dumps.  Consequently, trash is very expensive - you won't find public trash cans anywhere (plus trash cans make handy terrorist bomb holders) and Mrs. Roy didn't find a lot of amenity type stuff in our hotel room, like paper-wrapped soap or plastic bottles of shampoo to stick in your luggage.  What Mrs. Roy did find are wall-mounted dispensers for soap which often doubles as shampoo.  Mrs. Roy has seen this in a few ecology-conscious American places, too.  It certainly makes you stop and think about all the stuff we throw away.

3.  Germans don't do ice.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy only had ice in our drinks at one restaurant the entire trip but we had been there before so we knew what to expect.  After a couple of days, you don't even notice it anymore.

4.  When Mrs. Roy orders a salad in the USA, I get a long list of salad dressing options.  In Germany, they bring you a salad and it is dressed however they think is proper.  This trip, most of Mrs. Roy's salads had yogurt dressing.  At other times, we've had mostly oil and vinegar.  Never fear; it's always good and one less decision is something Mrs. Roy can live with!

5.  Euros consist of paper bills and various coins, sort of like American money except more coins.  Mrs. Roy always ends up with a bunch of one cent, two cent, five cent and ten cent coins that are nearly impossible to use.  Even when Mrs. Roy tries to use them, the cashiers don't really want them.  Mrs. Roy got the hotel clerk to take some of my small coins in exchange for a larger coin but she said they couldn't really use them, either.  Mrs. Roy's grandchildren will probably get some in their Christmas stocking to take to school for show and tell.

6.  It costs about 20 cents to use the bathroom in Germany - pay toilets are alive and well there - and one of the few places you can use those little coins (see #5).  On previous trips, Mrs. Roy was obliged to "tip" the human attendant but we only saw mechanized WC's on this trip.

7.  Kindereggs!

8.  Castles!

9.  American soldiers, airmen and dependents.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy had the distinct honor and privilege to visit several military bases while in Germany.  I am amazed and humbled by these Americans who pack up their entire families and move to a foreign country to protect Mrs. Roy's very American way of life.  May God bless each and every one of them.

10.  Mrs. Roy is rounding out her top ten list with the very friendly, kind, patient people of Germany who made her feel welcome.  Many Germans speak English, at least enough to help Mrs. Roy order food or make a purchase, and they are always so kind in response to my pathetic attempts at speaking German.  The Germans are unerringly polite while driving and even out walking on the streets.

Mrs. Roy hopes you will hop on a plane the next chance you get and explore our wonderful world for yourself.  It is always interesting to see how other folks live and to realize that Mrs. Roy's way may not always be the best way - but I'm learning!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Proud of Son

Mrs. Roy's son ran in the Tour de Pain in Jacksonville this weekend.  The medal around his neck means he completed all three races - a 5 mile beach run, a 5K and a 1 mile road run.  Mrs. Roy gets tired just thinking about it.  Mrs. Roy also wishes I could say that either of those flat stomachs belongs to me but, alas, my stomach quit looking like that about 30 years ago.  HA  Congratulations, Son, we are proud of you for the race and the good company you keep.


Katy over at the Non Consumer Advocate has posted a book review that triggered some thought.  While Katy is pretty good at living the Compact and while Mrs. Roy tries to be a conscientious consumer, we all bring home more stuff than we need.  Mr. Roy and I joke that we have become the "keepers of the stuff" since his mother passed away a few years ago and since my mom sold her house and went to live with her sister.  We've given "things" to our children and my siblings, we've sorted out junk, we've stored things, we've donated, rearranged and prioritized.  In the end, Mrs. Roy still can't park in the garage.

From the glass is half full perspective, we've been able to bless young friends with furniture, we are now surrounded by furniture and belongings that make us smile because of the memories attached to them and we are honored that we are the keepers of those memories.  By the way, if you start inheriting stuff, make sure you write the names of the people in the pictures on the back so future generations will know who they are.  And label stuff - take pictures and label the picture or make labels for the quilts and blankets and sew them onto them or whatever it takes.  We have some photos we can't identify at this point and that is so sad.

Mrs. Roy does ponder sometimes whether our home still reflects us or has it become a museum to the past?  Maybe a little of both and that's okay.  Mrs. Roy is grateful for the influences of family in our lives. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Charity of the Month - More about Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project believes in the power of nature and recreation to help warriors dealing with combat stress.  Project Odyssey, an outdoor rehabilitative retreat that combines adventure challenges with opportunities for peer support and group processing, was created to support warriors in their recovery from combat stress.

Recreational experiences ranging from rock climbing in the Black Hills of South Dakota to herding cattle on Wildcatter Ranch, encourage personal growth among participants and team building within the warrior community.

In conjunction with the National Park Service, Project Odyssey takes place on a variety of geographical locations over the course of five days.  Past event sites include Wildcatter Resort & Ranch in Graham, Texas; Marriott Cocoa Beach in Miami, Florida; National Ability Center, Park City, Utah; Acadia National Park in Maine.  Each location offers a unique experience that is different from the last and varies based on geographical resources.

Partnering with the Vet Centers across the country, Wounded Warrior Project recruits combat warriors from across the country who are currently enrolled in counseling services.  Odyssey allows participants to continue their therapeutic journey in a novel, dynamic setting with peers and support from Wounded Warrior Project and Vet Center professionals.

To read more about projects funded by the Wounded Warrior Project, just click on the link on the right side of this page.  Thanks.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Mrs. Roy recently read a quote from Agatha Christie that very properly describes Mrs. Roy's life as well.  "I am thinking," she would often say, "that it's a very happy way to live."  More details to follow.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mrs. Roy's Favorite Charity - August - Wounded Warrior Project

Beginning this month, Mrs. Roy will focus on a particular charity each month for the entire month.  Mrs. Roy hopes you will join me in supporting these worthy causes.  I promise not to lead you astray but to only recommend charities that (1) Mrs. Roy knows do good work, (2) Mrs. Roy knows they are good stewards and (3) Mr. and Mrs. Roy put their money where their mouth is - in other words, we give to them.

There is a link to the right of this page that will send you to the website for the Wounded Warrior Project.  This group supports soldiers who have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I hope you will follow this link at least once this month and make a donation to this worthy organization.  Our soldiers deserve our support for their sacrifices.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mrs. Roy loves her grandkids because they turn her world upside down.  Who knows which of them decided that the gnomes needed to face the wall instead of the room - and why didn't Mrs. Roy ever think to turn them that way!  Mrs. Roy had fun this afternoon watching the nearly 13 year old try on some of her mother's old prom dresses in preparation for a middle school formal - whoever heard of such a thing!  Mrs. Roy has made oatmeal cookies - twice - magic squares, rice krispie treats and brownies as well as quesadillas (twice) and hot wings and we have washed more clothes than Mrs. Roy thought possible.  Mrs. Roy went school clothes shopping and was ever so thankful that I don't have to do that every year anymore!  Mr. Roy wanted to know why everything we bought looked like gothic wear and I tried to explain that pretty much everything we saw looked like that.  It was sort of frightening.  We've drunk gallons of tea and Yahoo and cola and red cream soda.  Mrs. Roy's mother made two double batches of our secret recipe chip dip.  [Notice there's been A LOT of food around here this week.]  Mrs. Roy has had to share her laptop and her bathtub and Mr. Roy had to watch some stuff on tv he doesn't usually have to watch.  The granddaughters sang in the choir with Mrs. Roy at church today and the two year old danced in the pew while we sang hymns.

We've had a glorious week with our grandkids.  Thank you, Lord!