Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Snail Mail Challenge Update

Mrs. Roy can see that a few folks are visiting this site looking for Mrs. Roy's take on the Snail Mail challenge.  We are doing great.  Mrs. Roy has only missed one week and actually had an envelope sealed and ready to go last week - sending coupons to Mrs. Roy's daughter - but life got in the way and Mrs. Roy didn't get to the post office.  So more coupons from last Sunday's paper went in the envelope and off it went via snail mail earlier this week.  And Mrs. Roy saw a friend' picture in the paper (you got to love small towns) so it was cut out and mailed along with a short note this week. 

Mrs. Roy had a slow week of receiving snail mail.  Best Mrs. Roy can recall, the only mail other than a few catalogs and a bill from the dentist who glued Mrs. Roy's crown back in place (which bill I will GLADLY pay) was a thank you note from Mrs. Roy's new locally owned pharmacy for having a prescription filled there recently.  Mrs. Roy is betting the big box stores don't send you thank you cards! 

Snail mail is definitely good!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mrs. Roy's Favorite Things

Mr. Roy

UT gnomes

handmade ceramic coffee cups

afghans and quilts made by people I love

pretty much anything chocolate (except chocolate covered insects or raisins)

my blue laptop

a thunderstorm, a blanket and a good book

cats who cuddle


my Bible with all the margin notes

a fire in the fireplace

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Roy!  I've had a great birthday and lots of bounty!  Mrs. Roy got phone calls and emails and good wishes in person all day plus my boss and co-worker took me to lunch.  Becky got Mrs. Roy those two wonderful Walter Hobbs pottery mugs; my daughter and family sent me the gnomes - one big one and three pot sitters who hang on the edge of flowerpots or bowls or cups; Mr. Roy got me a bag of Milano cookies and a gift card; Nancy made me a beautiful birthday cake; son got me a subscription to a favorite magazine and I've been getting cards in the mail all week! 

Life is good!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reasons to Love March in South Georgia


Yard Art

More Azaleas

More Yard Art

Life is good!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shhh. It's a Secret

Mrs. Roy had to run in the local J.C. Penney the other day to get a birthday present and Mr. Roy tagged along.  Mr. Roy suggested Mrs. Roy share a secret with all of you but if Mrs. Roy does that, it won't be a secret anymore!  Oh, what the heck; here goes.

There are usually lines at the checkout kiosks in front of the mall entrance and by the exterior door we always enter BUT there is a little-known checkout counter in the bra department.  Tucked right there between the racks of 42DDD's is the perfect place to check out and beat the wait at the more obvious customer service kiosks. 

If there is a line in the bra department next time Mrs. Roy goes shopping, this is the last time Mrs. Roy is sharing her way of doing things!