Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mrs. Roy Gets to Help

Mrs. Roy's sister, Fifi, is part of a really nice quilt group.  For the past couple of years, they have donated a quilt they made to charity.  One year they gave a quilt to the Children's Hospital for sale in a silent auction fundraiser.  Last year they donated their quilt to a women's shelter.  Mrs. Roy doesn't know who will receive this year's quilt but I get to help make it so Mrs. Roy is very happy. 

Even though Mrs. Roy doesn't get to go to meetings (they are in another state!), these kind ladies allowed Mrs. Roy to contribute to last year's quilt.  So when it came time for this year's donation quilt, Mrs. Roy was all about adding my row when they so generously offered.  This is a liberated basket design that Mrs. Roy read about in a quilting magazine.  Most of the time, Mrs. Roy knows she's sorely lacking when it comes to published quilt patterns, but this one looked doable.  The end result is - not bad! 

Mrs. Roy will share a picture of the whole quilt once it's put together.  Actually, Mrs. Roy can't wait to see what the others are going to come up with!  What fun!

Life is good.


  1. I love your "row" ... I can't wait to see what everyone else as done with their rows either! How cool is this?

  2. I wish you would be close to come to the meetings! Thanks for contributions! Your row is beautiful, so colorful! We will think of you tonight.