Saturday, February 12, 2011


Mrs. Roy recently was given a wonderful gift - this great Brother sewing machine and the two boxes behind it.  What's in the two boxes, you ask?

TWO MORE SEWING MACHINES!  Mrs. Roy is so excited to have received these gifts from a dear friend who likes to encourage my quilting.  The Brother (in the middle) is a much newer model and, like most sewing machines today, is mostly made of plastic parts.  But the other two?  Whoa!  They are so heavy because they are both made of almost completely metal parts.  Even the body is metal. 

This one is a Wizard, model 3Kc 8846.  Best Mrs. Roy can figure out, it was made about 50 years ago and was probably bought at the local Western Auto.  Mrs. Roy hasn't been able to find out a lot about the machine itself but parts are apparently hard to come by so Mrs. Roy will be extra gentle with this wonderful treasure.  This one even has the owner's manual with it with loads of really interesting information about using the machine with different types of cloth, making different stitches, etc.

This is a Dressmaker model, probably made by the same company as the Wizard.   Mrs. Roy loves that the previous owner wrote "FRONT" on the front of the case. 

Both of the older machines are mounted in the boxes you see.  They were designed so that you could unscrew them from the boxes and put them in console sewing tables.  Both of these machines are hinged so that there is a storage area under the sewing machine.  Is that cool or what!

Life is definitely good! 


  1. You are a very lucky woman with wonderful friends.

  2. My mom had one of the singer pedal machines that you foot pump. I do not speak sewing machine, unfortunately. I barely speak thread and needle....

  3. I love your sewing machines! Actually, the Brother and the Wizard are related. Brother built and labeled many different brands during the '50s and '60s. Wizard machines were built for and sold by Western Auto stores. The normal replaceable parts are still available from many sources. You'll find that it's a good, solid machine that's great for quilting or whatever you sew.
    Dressmaker is a label several makers used, but Brother isn't one of them.