Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Snail Mail Challenge Update

Mrs. Roy can see that a few folks are visiting this site looking for Mrs. Roy's take on the Snail Mail challenge.  We are doing great.  Mrs. Roy has only missed one week and actually had an envelope sealed and ready to go last week - sending coupons to Mrs. Roy's daughter - but life got in the way and Mrs. Roy didn't get to the post office.  So more coupons from last Sunday's paper went in the envelope and off it went via snail mail earlier this week.  And Mrs. Roy saw a friend' picture in the paper (you got to love small towns) so it was cut out and mailed along with a short note this week. 

Mrs. Roy had a slow week of receiving snail mail.  Best Mrs. Roy can recall, the only mail other than a few catalogs and a bill from the dentist who glued Mrs. Roy's crown back in place (which bill I will GLADLY pay) was a thank you note from Mrs. Roy's new locally owned pharmacy for having a prescription filled there recently.  Mrs. Roy is betting the big box stores don't send you thank you cards! 

Snail mail is definitely good!

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