Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

What could possibly be a better Father's Day gift for Mr. Roy than an Army gnome?

Two Army gnomes, of course!

Mrs. Roy bought this Army gnome for Mr. Roy a few months ago and put it away for a future gift.  Mrs. Roy's mother was going through some boxes from her last move and discovered a gift she had bought for Mr. Roy a year or more ago.  You guessed it, an Army gnome!  Mrs. Roy and her mother have had several good chuckles about buying the same gift.  And yes, it is sort of scary that we think so much alike!

Fortunately, Mr. Roy is a good sport and he immediately saw the humor in the situation.  So we now have not one but TWO Army gnomes to add to our ever-growing collection.  Mr. Roy is considering making them bookends - or .....  Stay tuned.  ha

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