Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 Day Challenge Update #1

Okay, did anyone decide to take part in the 100 day challenge?  We are 2about half way through the challenge - and Mrs. Roy is doing pretty good so far.

Mrs. Roy has been consistent with feeding my piggy $5 per week - our vacation is a week after the 100 days ends, so Mrs. Roy will have some spending money in my pocket!  Hooray.

Weight challenge - well, Mrs. Roy’s doing okay with that.  Some days are better than others but Mrs. Roy should be able to reach my goal by September 13, the 100th day.  Mrs. Roy has been trying to add some crunches to work on Mrs. Roy’s abs - definitely my weak spot - but Mrs. Roy need to get serious about that.  Ha

Clutter challenge - Just this morning, Mrs. Roy pulled an older white polo out of the closet and noticed a faint stain across the front.  Into the trash it went - one more item decluttered.  Several items have gone into the charity box and Mrs. Roy and her mom are thinking about having a yard sale - although Mrs. Roy isn’t a large fan of yard sales.  Mrs. Roy is more likely to follow FlyLady’s advice and just give it to charity, since the whole point is to get the clutter out of the house, right?

So, Mrs. Roy is feeling pretty rosy about the 100 day challenge right now.  What about you? 


  1. When di you start this 100 day challenge thing? I must have missed that post!!!


    this is the original link. I've added a label so it will be easier to find.

  3. I didn't set a time frame, but we are decluttering. I have seen about 3 episodes of the show "Hoarders" and nothing motivates you to clean out every drawer and closet in the house better than that. It's horrifying.