Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This sign is a perfect example of Mrs. Roy's definition of stuff.  We - meaning Mrs. Roy and probably my daughter - came across this sign at a yard sale or a junk store or somewhere similar.  We brought it home and it hung by the front door for about 3 years.  And Mrs. Roy never even liked it that much!  Mrs. Roy is glad it's gone.

Mrs. Roy spent last weekend unpacking the remnants of someone's stuff.  A life of living reduced to a few boxes of semi-broken kitchen utensils, mismatched pots and pans and tons of pictures of grandkids that had been crammed together in several desk drawers among stray socks, spent batteries and owners manuals for blood pressure cuffs and lawnmowers. 

All in all, it was a stark reminder that we all have too much stuff.  Mrs. Roy's been thinking about that a lot since last week and it is time for Mrs. Roy to start getting rid of stuff.  The first chore - the bulletin board above the sewing desk.  Next, Mrs. Roy's jewelry box.  Then the box under the nightstand and then Mrs. Roy's closet and dresser.  After that, Mrs. Roy is going to take a close look at the cabinet in the hall bathroom and then the drawers and cabinets in the dining room.  Stuff defintely lurks in those spots!  Then the top shelf in the entry closet and the cabinets in the garage.  Then it might be time to tackle the attic - that might be even more of a chore than Mrs. Roy can handle!

Mrs. Roy is shedding stuff.  Join me?

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  1. Store our treasures up in Heaven ...
    I love you, fifi