Monday, June 25, 2012


It was one of those art imitating life days around our house Sunday.  Mrs. Roy was sewing together some cloth books for baby gifts when Mrs. Roy realized the name of the book, "Rainy Day Games", fit in perfectly with the day we were having outside.  Tropical Storm Debby is churning away in the Gulf of Mexico and pumping several inches of rain into our area.  Mrs. Roy is grateful for the rain....and grateful for the afternoon to spend crafting gifts for friends.

The cloth books are a long-standing tradition that started back when Mrs. Roy's children were children.  The grandchildren now expect them at birthdays and Christmas and they are an expected gift at church baby showers.  The books above will go to two co-workers and a friend's first grandchild. 

Mrs. Roy was searching through the book stash Sunday afternoon and was reminded that no more cloth book purchases need to be made for a while.  Mrs. Roy has a wonderful supply of books ready to be sewn up and given in blessing to babies, probably for the next couple of years.  Do all crafters have stashes?  All my crafter friends do! 

Do you have a talent you share as gifts for your friends?


  1. I crochet & knit. So I have lots of stash. Where do you get the books?
    Kitty in Utah which coud use some of that rain.

  2. The rain turned into flooding for much of north Florida, just a few miles south of it wasn't a blessing for everyone.

    I get the books at fabric stores - mostly JoAn's and Hobby Lobby. I've picked up a few at quilt shows. My sister finds them and sends them my way.

    I inherited a LARGE yarn stash from my mother-in-law. I used some of it, gave some away and still had tons. So I packed it all up and sent it to a missionary friend and let it bless someone else. Turned out to be an answer to prayer for a group of ladies who crocheted little purses to sell to tourists for income. Much better than sitting around waiting for me to get ambitious!

  3. Yes, I think all crafters have a stash ... or stashes ...
    Great post sis