Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doing Things Differently

I got home from work this afternoon and realized my neighbor, who has a very green thumb, had trimmed back his rose bushes and crepe myrtles.  So I, not having a green thumb AT ALL, immediately got my pruning clippers and went to work on my rose bushes and crepe myrtles.  I may not be a very good gardner but I am smart enough to copy those who are.  So there I was, in my dress shoes, hose and skirt, pruning away when my other neighbor pulled into her driveway.  She got out of her car laughing at me for pruning in my high heels.  Said she wished she had a camera.  I explained myself but she still went inside chuckling.  And so it goes in the life of Mrs. Roy.

I don't really mean to do things differently than other folks; it just somehow turns out that way.  At least I know it is not a midlife crisis sort of thing; I found a book last night that a friend had given me in 1996.  Inside, she wrote:  "You are better at being "who you are" than almost anyone I've ever known and I love you for it!  I just couldn't resist getting this little book for you - hope it lightens your day."  The book is "How to Be Who You Are" by Rita Sherman. 

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