Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home Improvement

Mr. Roy and I (mostly Mr. Roy) just finished redoing our laundry room.  Picture old vinyl flooring, shutters on the window and open shelving on the walls.  U-G-L-Y!  New ceramic tile on the floor, new lighting, new paint on the walls, new curtains, new cabinets and it's a thing of beauty.  Mr. Roy and I seem to be in perpetual fix-it-up mode; Lowe's is our favorite place to browse and dream.

But the real home improvement around our house came a few years ago when the Lord got hold of Mr. Roy and brought him closer.  It is magnificent to know I am serving the Lord beside my husband.  I sometimes am moved to tears with joy sitting in church beside my husband instead of with my friends whose husbands also stay at home on Sunday.  I love to pray with Mr. Roy, coming before the Lord's throne in unity as God intended.  And while Mr. Roy and I are in perpetual fix-it-up mode in this aspect of our lives, too, that's okay because we are doing it together.

Life is good.  Thank you, Lord.

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  1. Your laundry room is beautiful! You and Mr. Roy are some kind of special. fifi