Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mrs. Roy loves snail mail. Now don’t get me wrong; I pay most of my bills online. It’s so much easier. But I still love getting and sending snail mail cards and letters. I love the idea of putting something in the mail and having it show up on the other end in a couple of days, creating smiles. Admit it, it makes you smile when you get a card or letter or gift in the mailbox.

Mrs. Roy comes by her love of snail mail honestly. My Grandma was a world class postcard sender. Whenever she went on a trip, we could count on receiving a postcard from the area. Thankfully, my generation has continued that tradition.

Letter writing is becoming a lost art in this day of email (and blogs) and twitters. I remember having actual classes in school about signature lines and salutations and the different types of letters that were appropriate for specific situations. I don’t think they cover stuff like that in school much anymore. However, Mrs. Roy believes it is good to sit down and organize your thoughts. It is good to practice good grammar and punctuation and spelling. And there are lots of folks who still don’t have email - so how are you going to communicate with them except by phone or mail!

I like being able to stick little surprises in an envelope. I like looking through my stash of note cards and picking out just the right one. I like buying the different kinds of stamps at the post office. I like writing my own birthday wishes on the inside of a blank note instead of using a regular birthday card.

I’ve read that it is bad manners to send a thank-you by email - but lots of folks do it. I like knowing that someone took the time to sit down and write me a note and put a stamp on the envelope and looked up my address. I like walking to the mailbox and something being there besides junk mail. I like the anticipation of knowing there is a letter or package on the way to my mailbox. I like the whole delayed satisfaction aspect of snail mail, both giving and receiving.

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