Monday, May 17, 2010

Broadway, Here I Come - Not!

Mrs. Roy was asked to help out with the Kids Choir at church a couple of months ago so I said sure.  Little did I know I would be the only adult actually in the performance or that I would have a LOT of lines to learn.  Mr. Roy says I shouldn't volunteer for everything that comes down the pike.  I don't think there's much danger of Mrs. Roy following that advice.

Regardless, the performance was Sunday morning and I had a blast!  I stumbled over my opening line but after that I just relaxed and had a good time.  It helped, of course, that the program is all about the kids and totally not about me.  My plan was to rely heavily on the cute factor of the smaller kids - and I'm pretty sure it worked. 

Now I have the problem of having all these great lines running through my head and nowhere to use them.  "Greetings, students.  And welcome to the last day of final exams at Alleluia Aquatic Academy."  "Sub to shore, do you read?"  "It's been a whale of day, students.  Let's chart a course for home."  See what I mean?   It's going to be hard trying to work that stuff into a normal conversation. 

And then there's the matter of the Captain's hat.  Seems Mr. Roy told a couple of sweet little ladies sitting around him that he was going to have me wear the hat for him later and I've got a feeling the teasing isn't going to let up too soon.  Leave it to Mr. Roy to misbehave in church!

So, my acting debut was great fun and I'll do it again if I get the chance.  But don't sign me up any time soon; I've got to recover from this one first!

Have some fun!  Mrs. Roy

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