Sunday, August 15, 2010


Katy over at the Non Consumer Advocate has posted a book review that triggered some thought.  While Katy is pretty good at living the Compact and while Mrs. Roy tries to be a conscientious consumer, we all bring home more stuff than we need.  Mr. Roy and I joke that we have become the "keepers of the stuff" since his mother passed away a few years ago and since my mom sold her house and went to live with her sister.  We've given "things" to our children and my siblings, we've sorted out junk, we've stored things, we've donated, rearranged and prioritized.  In the end, Mrs. Roy still can't park in the garage.

From the glass is half full perspective, we've been able to bless young friends with furniture, we are now surrounded by furniture and belongings that make us smile because of the memories attached to them and we are honored that we are the keepers of those memories.  By the way, if you start inheriting stuff, make sure you write the names of the people in the pictures on the back so future generations will know who they are.  And label stuff - take pictures and label the picture or make labels for the quilts and blankets and sew them onto them or whatever it takes.  We have some photos we can't identify at this point and that is so sad.

Mrs. Roy does ponder sometimes whether our home still reflects us or has it become a museum to the past?  Maybe a little of both and that's okay.  Mrs. Roy is grateful for the influences of family in our lives. 

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  1. I call it, (stuff from family), "the good stuff". Items that rekindle the love I've been given and felt from my family and friends.