Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mrs. Roy loves her grandkids because they turn her world upside down.  Who knows which of them decided that the gnomes needed to face the wall instead of the room - and why didn't Mrs. Roy ever think to turn them that way!  Mrs. Roy had fun this afternoon watching the nearly 13 year old try on some of her mother's old prom dresses in preparation for a middle school formal - whoever heard of such a thing!  Mrs. Roy has made oatmeal cookies - twice - magic squares, rice krispie treats and brownies as well as quesadillas (twice) and hot wings and we have washed more clothes than Mrs. Roy thought possible.  Mrs. Roy went school clothes shopping and was ever so thankful that I don't have to do that every year anymore!  Mr. Roy wanted to know why everything we bought looked like gothic wear and I tried to explain that pretty much everything we saw looked like that.  It was sort of frightening.  We've drunk gallons of tea and Yahoo and cola and red cream soda.  Mrs. Roy's mother made two double batches of our secret recipe chip dip.  [Notice there's been A LOT of food around here this week.]  Mrs. Roy has had to share her laptop and her bathtub and Mr. Roy had to watch some stuff on tv he doesn't usually have to watch.  The granddaughters sang in the choir with Mrs. Roy at church today and the two year old danced in the pew while we sang hymns.

We've had a glorious week with our grandkids.  Thank you, Lord!


  1. That would be Yoo Hoo chocolate drinks, not yahoo. Zack used to say, (when he was 4) can I have a who who! :) Good times! You are very blessed Mrs. Roy.

  2. Now THAT'S what I call some fun!! Soak it in!