Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mrs. Roy Mails Empty Envelopes

Mrs. Roy hates getting junk mail.  Mrs. Roy is also not a big fan of credit card companies.  Regardless of my lack of affection, these folks continue to send junk mail to Mrs. Roy.  (Yes, I've opted out on lists again and again so don't tell me about that.)  However, Mrs. Roy has found a way to get a small amount of satisfaction, thanks to Dave Ramsey.

Years ago, Mr. Ramsey suggested that you mail these unsolicited solicitations back to their owners with a snazzy letter he had composed telling them something along the lines of they should be ashamed of themselves for charging huge interest rates and taking advantage of people.  Eventually Mr. Ramsey removed that fine letter from his publications and website but Mrs. Roy thinks a good idea is a good idea so I just keep sending the envelopes back - empty.  It costs the company 44 cents to get their junk mail back and Mrs. Roy has a smile on her face.

Life is good.

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