Saturday, November 20, 2010

Altered Life Forms

Mrs. Roy accepted a challenge by Jo in the quilt group to take a piece of clothing from my closet and repurpose it.  This lovely (if I do say so myself) scarf was formerly known as Mrs. Roy's stretched out linen crop pants.  In fact, they had already been deposited into the "waiting to go to the Salvation Army" box.  However, by cutting the longest and widest pieces possible from the front and back of both legs and then sewing them together to make two long pieces and then sewing the two long pieces together and then adding some fringe to the already hemmed bottoms, Mrs. Roy now has a scarf. 

Mrs. Roy got tickled when I cut the pieces out and found a tag that said "dry clean only."  If Mrs. Roy had known about that little tag, these crop pants might not have gotten so stretched out and shabby looking, seeing as how they were thrown in the washer and dryer on multiple occasions.  Fifi says that just proves you can't trust those little "dry clean only" tags. 

And here's the kicker - Mrs. Roy bought these crop pants at a consignment store in the first place so they are now on their 3rd life.  Life is good.


  1. Very pretty! I'll bet it looks great on you!