Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mrs. Roy's Charity of the Month - December - Salvation Army

As you may already know, Mrs. Roy focuses on a particular charity each month for the entire month. Mrs. Roy hopes you will join me in supporting these worthy causes.  Mrs. Roy promises not to lead you astray but to only recommend charities that (1) Mrs. Roy knows do good work, (2) Mrs. Roy knows they are good stewards and (3) Mr. and Mrs. Roy put their money where their mouth is - in other words, we give to them.

The Salvation Army is one of my favorite charities.  We probably all recognize the red kettles that appear outside stores during December and Mrs. Roy hopes you will keep an extra dollar bill in your pocket to slip in the kettle each time you go by. 

The Salvation Army is one of the oldest charities in the United States and has a fascinating HISTORY.  

One of the best things about the Salvation Army is that they don't pay their people much.  They use the money we give them to help the people they are supposed to help.  The national leader of the Salvation Army makes less than $50K annually - contrast that to the Red Cross Chairman who makes several million each year in salary! 

Locally, the Salvation Army is in charge of the Empty Stocking Fund in conjunction with our local newspaper.  Each Christmas, they allow parents in need to register their children to receive toy gifts.  A lot of those toys are donated by motorcycle riders who have a HUGE charity toy run in December.  Last year the Salvation Army was worried because they had nearly twice as many requests for help as the year before.  But you know what?  The bikers donated twice as many toys as the year before!  God is so good to take care of our needs.

Mrs. Roy encourages you to be a part of the wonderful work of the Salvation Army folks as they help others this Christmas season. 

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  1. This is one of my favorite charities too. On the first of the Dec. I go to the bank and get 20 one dollar bills and put them in an envelope to carry in my purse. Every time I pass a kettle I put a dollar in or give a dollar to each of my grandkids shopping with me. On my last shopping day the last of the envelop goes into the kettle.