Monday, April 18, 2011


Sunday morning Mrs. Roy was busy getting ready for church and thinking about what needed to be done that day when I happened to look out on the back porch and see this!  Mrs. Roy has several feral cats roaming around and this one started out perched on the porch railing, obviously stalking a squirrel.  What caught Mrs. Roy's eye first was that another squirrel was up above the cat, occasionally dropping a nut in the cat's direction and wreaking havoc on its concentration.  Finally, the cat decided to get a little closer to its prey and climbed onto this limb stump for further stalking.  And yes, it is a very large tree.

Mrs. and Mrs. Roy used to live in the city and things just always seemed to be happening - busy, busy, busy.  Then we moved here to south Georgia and life slowed down - a lot.  Mrs. Roy is so thankful for the peaceful moments that allow me to stop and watch a cat spend time stalking a squirrel he is NEVER going to catch.  Mrs. Roy is so thankful for a slower lifestyle that helps us appreciate all of God's blessings.  From feral cats to mischievious squirrels to quiet evenings on the porch, Mrs. Roy's way of doing things is just right!

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