Tuesday, November 22, 2011


There is a great blog written by a brave young woman up in New York State that Mrs. Roy loves to read.  Today, Jenna is advocating buying local instead of the normal big box stuff; actually Jenna advocates just such a thing quite often and Mrs. Roy appreciates the nudge.  Plaid Friday is a ground swell effort to encourage local business on Black Friday, that typically horrible shopping day after Thanksgiving.  Here's the link to Jenna's blog on the subject:  http://coldantlerfarm.blogspot.com/2011/11/plaid-friday.html.  If you have to go shopping on Friday, Mrs. Roy encourages you to follow Jenna's suggestion and shop locally.

Mrs. Roy will tell you that I don't advocate going shopping AT ALL on Black Friday.  You can probably get a better deal and less hassle if you wait a week or so.  Trust me on this. 

And there is another movement that's been going on for many years by the Influenza crowd who encourage you to cut up your credit cards on Black Friday and declare independence from consumerism completely.  It's something to think about, for sure.  Can you really ignore all those newspaper inserts and commercials and junk mail and just buy from some Mom and Pop joint only what you really need only when you can actually pay for it?  Mrs. Roy thinks it could be a beautiful thing. 

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