Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's the beginning of Thanksgiving week and Mrs. Roy has so much to be thankful for.  For starters, Mrs. Roy got to go to Hawaii this year!  That was one of those lifetime bucket list things, you know what Mrs. Roy means?  And it lived up to all Mrs. Roy's expectations.  It was magnificent!

Even the ordinary in Mrs. Roy's life is pretty extraordinary and since Mrs. Roy started this blog as a way to explain my particular way of doing things, being thankful has to be included.  Mrs. Roy came across Philippians 2:14 on a desk calendar many years ago, along with the caption "It is impossible to be thankful and complain at the same time."  Wow!  That was a life-altering piece of paper and that's the truth.  Mrs. Roy discovered that Mrs. Roy complained a lot more than was thought humanly possible and the change brought about by Mrs. Roy's new attitude was probably long overdue and appreciated by everyone around me. 

It's really some of that glass half full / glass half empty mentality that we all seem to be pre-programmed to and Mrs. Roy will admit to being a pretty strong optimist.  But doing everything without arguing or complaining (Phil. 2:14) really reinforced that natural inclination. 

This week as we prepare for Thanksgiving, Mrs. Roy challenges you to try to be radically thankful.  If you get a flat tire, can you be thankful you have a car?  If your boss is grumpy, can you be thankful you have a job?  If the kids drive you crazy, can you be thankful they are healthy? 

So, Mrs. Roy is going to be thanking the Lord again for a wonderful family, church family and friends, good health, a great job and a life full of abundance, even without the totally awesome trip to Hawaii.  Mostly, though, Mrs. Roy is thanking the Lord for giving us Jesus to die on the cross so that my sins could be forgiven.  Mrs. Roy lives every day in the grace of Jesus' sacrifice and for that Mrs. Roy is literally eternally grateful. 

Life is good.  Thanks.

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