Sunday, January 1, 2012


See, Mrs. Roy had a need for some shelves in a corner of the walk-in attic. And there were two large stacks of old college textbooks and skateboard magazines (which have been abandoned by Mrs. Roy's favorite son) sitting in the way. So a quick check in Mr. Roy's shop revealed some sufficiently wide shelving boards and Mrs. Roy soon had a very servicable shelving unit AND got rid of the useless book and magazine stacks. Now those books and magazines are supporting Mrs. Roy's shelves and everyone is happier for it.

A couple of soda flats sitting around work very nicely as pull out drawers, making Mrs. Roy's t-shirts and shorts much more accessible.

Mrs. Roy's daughter gave me a wonderful set of lined baskets for Christmas and three of them are now part of the shelving unit, holding small items and miscellaneous.  Aren't they beautiful?

Yes, those are old VCR tapes now creating a support pillar for the shelving unit.  If you want to use this idea somewhere other than attic space (like somewhere where people would actually see it), you could wrap the VCR tapes (and books) in pretty wrapping paper to coordinate with your decorating theme. 

If any of you have bought a college textbook lately, you know this may actually be the most expensive shelving unit in the universe!  But since they were just collecting dust in the corner, Mrs. Roy is very happy to put them to use holding up shelves.  Mrs. Roy did try to sell some of these textbooks online but after a couple of years, the schools update their book lists and these editions were not longer usable.  And why didn't Mrs. Roy's son sell these back at the time?  Don't know, maybe he did.  End result is Mrs. Roy has very "smart" shelves in the attic.

Life is definitely good.

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