Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mrs. Roy's Great Deals Day

Mrs. Roy went thrift store shopping today and snagged some GREAT deals.  Check this out!

Mrs. Roy picked up this Cappelli purse for $3.50 - it looks brand new and Mrs. Roy can only find one on EBay that is starting at $6.

And this gorgeous woven lined jacket for 50 cents.  Yep, 50 cents!

And these cute Thomas the Train plates and bowls for $4.00 total.  On Amazon, one plate, one bowl and a tippy cup sell as a set for $15!  Mrs. Roy's grandsons are going to love coming to Grandma's house and eating out of these!

And this great vest for 50 cents!

And these gorgeous shoes were $4 a pair.  The ones on the left are Coldwater Creek and the other ones are Via !Sola.  Both of them look brand new and Mrs. Roy has no problem wearing second-hand shoes as great as these!

And this Jansport Auburn sweatshirt was also a deal at 50 cents; Mrs. Roy's boy is a big Auburn fan and he will look really good in this sweatshirt that will keep him warm now that he's moved north for his new job.

Of course, the problem with thrift store shopping is that Mrs. Roy sometimes ends up buying things Mrs. Roy would have been perfectly happy not owning except that they were such a good price.  There must be some balance in there somewhere and so that is why Mrs. Roy has opened an account at a local consignment shop.  Mrs. Roy is presently selling four pairs of jeans bought for $1 each at yard sales that didn't fit Mrs. Roy or the granddaughters or daughter when they got home, a Tommy Hilfiger suede jacket bought for $3 at a yard sale that also didn't fit, a handpainted jacket bought for $3 at a thrift store that Mrs. Roy thought about keeping but decided to make a nickel or two instead, a name-brand jacket given to Mrs. Roy that didn't fit, a skirt bought for $1 that didn't fit and a suit that Mrs. Roy can't quite squeeze into anymore.  Notice that most of these items were sizing mistakes and/or related to Mrs. Roy's increasing width - something better not mentioned. 

So, Mrs. Roy's way to shop is to find a great bargain and then brag about it!  Thanks for coming along.  Seriously, though, buying used is good for Mrs. Roy's personal economy, good for the environment by eliminating packaging and the need to produce new goods and Mrs. Roy can bless her family with great bargains.  And the consignment store donates unsold items to charity after 90 days so it's all good. 

Life is so good.


  1. I love Mrs. Roy's shopping ways! I wish everyone could see my upcycled pog pin cushion! I love thrift store shopping.

  2. I meant pig pin cushion! WOW!