Saturday, June 5, 2010

Food Stamp Challenge Update One

Mrs. Roy just got back from the grocery store since we had to have a few things - like bread and butter.  Mrs. Roy also needed some zipper storage bags which is something I usually buy and lump into my "grocery" budget.  Since we are working the Food Stamp Challenge, I need to have separate money for the things that real food stamps would not pay for.  So Mrs. Roy is wondering - when I say I can feed our family well on about $300 a month (it's just me and Mr. Roy), is that really a false number?  I don't buy a lot of non-food items but there is usually something we need - aluminum foil, etc.  Mrs. Roy even includes cleaning supplies and laundry detergent in her normal food budget so how much do we actually spend on food?  Hmmmm.

By the way, it is Mrs. Roy's experience that the best way not to spend money at the grocery store is not to go to the grocery store.  Mrs. Roy has found the key to living on any budget, food stamps or otherwise, is to only buy what you need.  Perhaps you have more willpower than Mrs. Roy but I can always find something to buy if I go in a store.  So if you want to save money, stay home.

Here's what I bought today.  
2 bags frozen french fries - store brand 2.99 each
1 box Wheat Thins - on sale for 2.49 plus I used a $1.00 coupon = $1.49
jar of pimento - 2.49
tub of margarine - $2.50
paprika - $1.49 - always buy spices in the international foods aisle = much cheaper
Coffee - 5.99 - on sale
Ground Beef - 13.14 - this was a big pack that had a used by date of today so I got $1.47 off
Wyler's Beef stew starter - 1.99 - in the clearance buggy
Sourdough bread from the bakery - 2.99 - okay, I splurged; I love it
Kraft American singles - 2.99
2 packages of Sandwich rolls - 2.99 - bogof
2 loaves sandwich bread - 1.00 each
bananas - .61
1 roma tomato - .48

total food purchases with tax = 49.30

I also bought 14.86 worth of non-food items which I would normally include in my food budget.

remaining food stamp money for June = 152.70 which comes out to $6.36 per day for the rest of the month (down from $6.73 per day before I went shopping).  However, I did get an extra loaf of bread and an extra package of sandwich rolls that went in the freezer.  We also put six large burger patties in the freezer after preparing some for our dinner tonight so that is at least two more meals.  I think we are doing okay so far.

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