Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ballerina by Universal Refrigerator Jars

Mr. Roy and I were cleaning out some of Mr. Roy’s mom’s stuff last week and came across these pretty bowls. The smaller one has a lid and there is a smaller lid that is missing the bowl. I looked online and found out these are called refrigerator jars and they are semi-valuable. The large bowl, without the lid, is worth about $45 and the smaller bowl with the lid is worth about $30. I was hoping to find a lid for the big bowl and a small bowl for the extra lid, but no such luck. I’ll keep looking.

These bowls are pre-plastic which makes them interesting to me. The lids have a rim on the top so that you could stack the bowls in the refrigerator. The lids don’t have the air-tight seal we are used to with our modern storage bowls. The bottom says they are guaranteed ovenproof, which I assume means you could put your leftovers straight into the oven and warm them up, which might not be as quick as a microwave but is probably just as convenient.  I have all these really cool images in my mind of a refrigerator with these pretty china bowls stacked with leftovers and not a zip lock bag in sight. What a wonderful world!

I’m going to enjoy using these refrigerator bowls. I’m not sure they will ever hold leftovers in the refrigerator but I intend to put them to use. I’ve thought about using them in the bathroom to hold bath beads or cotton balls or talc powder. Last week, we used them to hold the Splenda and Equal and the fast food salt, pepper and catsup. The extra lid may become a coaster or a candle holder. One thing is for sure; I’ll be smiling as I use them!

Life is good.

p.s.  If anyone out there has the missing lid or small bowl and would like to sell them, please let me know. 

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