Saturday, September 25, 2010


Mrs. Roy read about some folks out on the west coast who have sold, given away and donated all their stuff until they only own 100 items.  Mrs. Roy's been thinking about that and Mrs. Roy's not going there - for lots of reasons.  One reason is that Mrs. Roy loves her pickle keeper. 

There are some things in this world that just do what they are supposed to do so perfectly, it can't be improved.  This Tupperware pickle keeper is one of those things.  Mrs. Roy bought hers many, many years ago and it has been in constant use ever since.  How does it work, you ask?  Well, when you take off the lid, there is a handle underneath that is connected to a perforated bottom so that when you pull up on the handle, the pickles come up out of the brine without you having to dig for them.  When you let go, everything settles back to the bottom so the pickles stay nice and moist.  Mrs. Roy thinks it's more sanitary than a plain old pickle jar and it's certainly more interesting. 

Mrs. Roy has bought a couple of these beauties in second-hand shops over the years, always giving them away to interested friends or family.  Mrs. Roy checked the Tupperware website and you can buy a new one for $17.00.  Mrs. Roy is not trying to sell Tupperware but was glad to know they still make them.

Mrs. Roy knows there are probably a lot of things we could do without around here and be perfectly happy, but my pickle keeper makes me smile and that's worth more than some extreme political / ecology / frugality statement in Mrs. Roy's book.  So, rest assured there are probably always going to be lots more than 100 items in Mrs. Roy's house and, if you are interested, the pickles are in the frig.


  1. Do you ever save the pickle juice and slice cucumbers to make cheat pickles??