Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Take Your Adventures Where You Find Them

Mrs. Roy recently had an adventure in the Japan Air Club Room restroom.  Mrs. Roy is really, really sorry she didn't take her camera into the restroom so there would be photographic proof of this story but who knew???

Here's the story.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy were on a journey and had the privilege of stopping off in the Japan Air Club Room in a foreign airport.  When Mrs. Roy went to the potty, I was greeted by a large, square contraption instead of the usual oval model.  Plus it had a lid.  Now, if you've ever been out of the USA, you know that restroom facilities differ from place to place so Mrs. Roy was immediately wary of this square thing, thinking it might be something other than what Mrs. Roy thought it was, perhaps a bidet or something.  This is one of those situations where it could be really embarrassing if you made a mistake so caution is a good thing.

That's when Mrs. Roy noticed the control panel on the wall.  There were two (two!!) rows of buttons on this control panel and, fortunately, some English along with the symbols.  Mrs. Roy saw that there were options for flush, tornado flush, wash front, wash back, even powder!  Obviously, this was no ordinary toilet!

Mrs. Roy proceeded gingerly but relaxed when skin met warm porcelain.  That's right - the seat was heated.  Now Mrs. Roy was wishing I had brought my book in with me.  Soon enough, the time came for Mrs. Roy to decide which buttons to push.  Mrs. Roy's exact choices might be a little too much information but Mrs. Roy will tell you that I stayed clear of the tornado flush.  And Mrs. Roy decided to forgo the powder; you just never know.

Mrs. Roy came out of the restroom grinning from ear to ear and Mr. Roy enjoyed hearing all about the Japanese toilet so much, he asked me to share with the rest of you.  All I can say is take your adventures where you find them because life is good!


  1. I saw one of them there high falutin' toilets on "House Hunters International" when they went to Tokyo. The one they had also spoke in Japanese? Did yours talk back ;-)