Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr. Roy's Italian Delight

A couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Roy found out that several of her friends from church were going out to eat dinner together after church on Sunday nights.  It almost hurt my feelings that no one ever invited me along - until I remembered that Mr. Roy and I eat better than most people because we cook at home and we are very good cooks.  For instance, this is a photo of a dinner we made over the weekend.  It's lasagna made totally from scratch, dinner rolls, roasted garlic and chive butter made from scratch and oatmeal cookies for dessert, also made from scratch.  This pan is going to be more than one or two meals for Mr. and Mrs. Roy and that roasted garlic and chive butter is going to be incredible on a hot roll.  You won't get food like that in any restaurants around here!

That's the sad part - we don't eat out because we really can make it better at home and we enjoy the process.  It's a blessing to have that skill and knowledge but sometimes it would be nice to hang out with our friends after church, too.  Maybe I'll just invite myself along next time!


  1. If we lived there, we'd invite ourselves over to your house after church every Sunday so we could eat your cookin' ;-) Wouldn't hurt our feelings at all to sit down to that meal HA.

    Unless you count the Target snack bar for the hot pretzel combo eating out after church, we never eat out after church either.

  2. Like Grandma, I'm trying not to do any thing on Sundays that requires a person to have to work on Sunday. Like eat out - all the way to getting gas. I suppose I would call 911 on Sunday if I "really" needed help but other than that ... I only tithe on Sunday's.