Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wood is good

Mrs. Roy has an insert in her fireplace that blows the heat out into the room.  We live in a warm climate and don't have harsh temperatures often so the fireplace heat is usually enough to take off the chill and keeps us from having to turn on the electric heat.  Mr. Roy complains about being cold sometimes but he usually has on a short-sleeved shirt when he says that.  Since he's my chainsaw man, I try to cut him some slack. 

We have a lot of trees in our yard so we have a lot of yard trash - branches and limbs, trimmings, etc., to burn.  Occasionally a tree has to come down and we cut that up for firewood, too.  So we don't pay for the wood and I know we are only using scrap wood that I'm keeping out of the county's yard trash bins - a double good!

On top of helping us get rid of yard trash and keeping our electricity bill low, the fireplace insert has glass panels in the doors so I can sit on the couch and see the fire burning.  It is so relaxing.  A quilt over my legs, a cup of coffee, a good book and a fire to watch - Life is good. 

Many years ago, we lived further north in an older house and the pipes under the kitchen sink froze a couple of time.  Inside the house!  We had a wood burning stove in the den of that house and even though we had to buy the wood to burn, it was worth it when the electricity went out or when it got really, really cold.  Good Lord willing, Mrs. Roy will never live in another house that doesn't have a wood burning stove.

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  1. We had snow flurries this afternoon - I'm glad we have a wood burning fireplace too.